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Our Staff Management

Botanical Treks & Excursion Pvt. Ltd which was established in 2002 is firmly believes in team spirit, effort & partnership among the co-workers. Our team is truly greatest strength & most valuable assets of our small but truly professional company. The company is run by a team of professional & an experienced trekking, tour & climbing guides who were working in the respective fields for so many years. Botanical Treks & Excursion is boast of a young, vibrant & diverse team members, comprising of highly an experienced trekking guide, tour guide, trekking leader, peak climbing Sherpa guides, trekking & expedition cooks, trekking porters & of course an efficient official indoor management staffs. Even though, we are all coming from different parts of Nepal & overseas, we are truly united for the single goal or dream of offering the best improvised services in the most competitive price to our valued clients/customers from all over the world! Botanical Treks & Excursion believes in customers/clients satisfaction is the topmost goal of the company. The company team is strongly united together for the common goal of solidarity, co-operation & mutual support. It will be our great pleasure to hearty welcome all of you in the land of the mighty Himalayas including the world`s highest mountain, Mt. Everest 8,848 m/29,028 ft as well as the Birth place of lord Buddha, also known as the light of the Asia.


Board of the Directors:
rameshRamesh Paneru
Managing Director
Having served several years in the field of trekking &hiking  tour in the Nepalese mountains of the mighty Himalayas as well as the inbound Nepal tours, it lead us to conceive in the ideas of establishing a small but very much professional company with comprising of a team of young, vibrant, an energetic & well-experienced youths. We realized that the aim of establishing such kind of trekking company that is not only to offer its dedicated services to the domestic & international travelers; such as soft & easy trekkers & a day hikers, adventure seekers, peak climbers & mountain climbers, leisure holiday seekers, Hindu & Buddhist religious trips seekers, botanical research, studies & expedition seekers with the view of the generate the some employment for the so-called educated & uneducated  youths & targeted to minimizes the high rate of the country`s unemployment problem by promoting its natural & cultural tourism products in the worldwide tourism market.
Botanical Treks & Excursion is operated by a group of young, vibrant, an energetic & highly well-experienced dedicated youths. They have a wide range of experience of trekking, travel & tours operation in the mighty Himalayan region as well as the natural & cultural heritage of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India. This company was established in 2002 & it is getting popular among its highly satisfied clients/customers who used its services & used it again & again!
Starting his initial career as a trekking porter in 1994 December from the Nepal`s reputed trekking company & gradually upgraded as assistant guide, trekking guide & trekking & tour leader. He has spent nearly 20 years in the tourism business field. He was born in Gorkha district of west Nepal. He was shifted to Kathmandu after the completion of school level education. He has done post graduation in Anthropology/Sociology (MA- Master Degree in Arts) from Tribhuwan University in Nepal. He has extensively travelled inbound Nepal and explored its natural and heritage beauties. Being an ardent supporter of eco-tourism and responsible tourism in Nepal, he aims to help, protect and preserve this beautiful environment for future generation of national and international trekkers as well as the local people to enjoy them. It is his diligence, creative thinking and uncompromising work ethics that have earned him respect from his business fraternity as well as the clients or customers.


Christian Loizeau
International Travel Consultant
Mr. Christian was born in 1967 at Domicile, France. He is a very an experienced traveler & has been more than 40 countries in the world already.  During his 2 years of world travel, he had come to Nepal for the first time in 2004 & staying here for 3 months. During his staying in Nepal, he made 2 treks & some tours such as Langtang valley trekking, Jomsom treks, Pokhara & Kathmandu valley tours.  He was so much lured with its natural & cultural heritage as well as Nepal`s mighty Himalayas. Then after, he used to come every year or 2 years interval.  Till now, has been almost every classic trekking region as well as some tours including Pokhara, Lumbini, Gorkha, Chtiwan jungle safari, Trishuli river rafting, Nagarkot , Dhulikhel & Mt. Everest panoramic  flights for several times.
Since 2004, Christian used to collect the people & either sending to BTE or bringing them into Nepal for their holidays. He has targeted to bring the people for 3 times in a year. He is an instructor for a well-being & yoga classes as his primary job & travel consultant is his secondary job if possible.  He used to give yoga classes during the trek & tours too.  He encouraged & trained the local people, local guide & porters about the important of conversation & environmental protection method during his trips. He loves Nepal trekking & Nepal tours very much. Trekking in the Nepal`s rural villages is his passion!

sumitraSumitra Bhatta
Miss Sumitra Bhatta has been working as sales and corresponding personnel with Botanical Treks & Excursion since its establishment in 2002. Just after the completion of her school level education in the countryside, she had moved in Kathmandu in searched of job & continued her study. Eventually, she has completed her graduation in travel & tourism or Bachelor in Travel & Tourism Management (BTTM) from Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Management (NATHM) along her job. She was born in Feb, 1983 in Gorkha District of west Nepal, the lab of Mt. Manaslu region and historical town from where Shah Dynasty was originated. She enjoys in corresponding with different people all over the world by providing trip information. She has immense interest in writing, reading, travelling and internet surfing whereas also involves interacting with new people. She has travelled most of the popular tour destination in Nepal as well as some sort of trekking and hiking trips in Annapurna and Langtang regions. She believes that “Life is usually a normal living which is simply refers as god gifted and travelling is never ending process so, taking each day as a new challenge & a new hope of life.” She is proud in being associated with this small but much trusted company as getting the chance to promote our beautiful Himalaya country to all around the world!


pabitraPabi Bhatta

Mrs. Pabi Bhatta is working as an accountant in the Botanical Treks & Excursion since its establishment in the year 2002. She was born in 1985 March at Gorkha district which is about 150 km from Kathmandu valley, one of the historical township of Nepal from where there was an arrival of Shah Dynasty and ruled Nepal for about 240 years. She was grown up in the base of the beautiful Mt. Manaslu in the hilly region from where the panoramic Mountain views from Annapurna in the west, Manaslu in the north and Ganesh Himal ranges in the east can be seen. She has studied BBS (Bachelor in Business Studies) from TU. She looks after the account department and corrects the mistakes that are made in cash inflow and outflow books. She is a responsible and good natured person. She loves travelling, internet surfing, watching Bollywood movies, etc. Traveling in the new destination is her Passion! She has been in Chitwan jungle safari, Trishuli river rafting, Lumbini, Pokhara, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel for tours & Ghorepani, Jomsom & Langtang-Gosaikunda lake for small trekking.
devDevraj Bhatta
Trekking & Tour Guide
Mr. Devraj Bhatta was born in 1988 at Gorkha province of west Nepal where many Gurkhas are coming from including Victoria Cross receiver. It is about 150 km west from Kathmandu valley lies in the hilly region and surrounded by mighty Himalayas, the home of Mt. Manaslu, the 9th highest mountain in the world & 8th in Nepal and its region. He was born in 1988 A.D. and completed his post graduation in education stream/ M. Ed (Masters in Education) from TU. He has been working in this company since October 2011 and has led many groups to almost all of the trekking regions like Mt. Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang and Helambu region, Makalu and Kanchenjunga regions. As a field trek escort, he always stays focused on traveler’s satisfaction and safe journey. He takes both pride and pleasure to offer quality services to our valued clients. His guidance and dedicated services delights one and all. He is well trained trekking and tour guide & he is the most important, the backboned of the company. He has taken many courses like trekking and tour guide, first-aid course, English speaking course, Responsible Tourism course and some of the workshop which is related with tourism business field. He has started his guiding job since Feb 1998. Prior to join this company, he had worked in different reputed companies as well.

thakurThakur Paneru
Senior Trekking guide
Thakur Paneru has been working in this company since 2004. He was born in Gorkha in 1975 at the loom of hilly region surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges including Annapurna, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal ranges. His childhood was linked with the view of camping and mountaineering groups making campsite near by his school ground. So that he has a deep passionate to work with them. That’s why, after the completion of his school level education. He had shifted into Kathmandu in search of job & quality education.  He started working as a trekking porter and continued his study together at the same time. He had almost finished his graduation in education stream. Because of his busy days in guiding the trekkers, he could not finish his graduation and give up his studies and devoted his life fully in the guiding field. He has started his guiding job since Feb 1998. Prior to join this adventure company, he had worked in different reputed companies as well.
He enjoys his work very much. He has taken various training related his work and has been well known about almost all of the classical trekking routes like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Helambu, Ganesh Himal, Mt. Makalu, Arun valley, Lower and Upper Dolpo region and some of the off beaten trekking routes. He is very honest, patience, hardworking & caring guide. He makes lots of jokes & makes his clients/customers laughing.

Lila Prasad Devkota
Trekking Guide
Mr. Lila Prasad Devkota has been working with Botanical Treks & Excursion since October 18, 2010. He took trekking guide training in 2011 along other necessary training according to his job requirements. Prior to join this adventure company, he has already been working for another trekking company for 5 years and started his guiding career from the trekking porter to know the trekking regions, lodges/guest houses, people, mountains, local life styles, local culture & their religions. He was then promoted as assistant trekking guide and later on upgraded to fully trekking guide that has ability to handle the groups as well as the individual client. He speaks fluently English, Hindi & Nepali languages.
He was born in 1990 A.D at Gorkha province of west Nepal, with the view of towering peaks of Mt. Manaslu, Buddha Himal, Himalchuli in the north, Annapurna & Lamjung Himal ranges in the west & Ganesh Himal in the east from his little hill top village at the altitude of 1,100 m. Traveling in the new destinations is his dream so that from his early days, he was dreaming to join one of the trekking company to fulfill his childhood dreams. He has been almost every classic trekking route in Nepal such as Annapurna, Everest, Langtang & Helambu valley, Dolpo regions including the some of the short & off beaten treks too. He is so funny & would likes to make funny jokes, playing card game, some tricks & has the good humor. His sincerity towards his duty makes him one of the capable guides. He loves mountains very much!

SamjhanaSamjhana Maharjan:
Online Marketing Officer
Miss Samjhana Maharjan from Satungal V.D.C-09, Kathmandu is a young enthusiastic, smart and vibrant office staff of Botanical Treks & Excursion P/Ltd since Sep 2013. A graduate scholar in BTTS (Bachelor in Travel & Tourism Studies) is currently working as a websites promotion officer and found her as a very efficient in her duties & responsibilities. At BTE she works as a trip planner as her duty is to get updated with clients for online marketing, promote the  websites & reviewing its contents, post and edit the updates, emails in social media & as well as do research on new business plans. She is very much indebted towards her work and trying to give the best in keeping her interest alive.
Being born in 21st Sep, 1995, she is very much passionate about getting to know more about nature & culture. As her has fluent English, Hindi, Nepali, Newari and basic French languages facilitates for better interaction with the clients/guests. She loves reading magazines, novels, newspaper, etc. during her free time. Travelling and knowing about new & different places especially about Nepal made her perceptive to be part of Botanical Treks & Excursion P. Ltd. So, she believes and likes to notice that, “Learn the emotions by experience.”

Dinesh Pandey:
Trekking Guide
Mr. Dinesh Pandey has been working with BTE as a trekking guide since 2004. He has started his job as a trekking porter for a year to have collected an experiences and knowledge about the region, trail, mountains and local ethnic people, their culture and religion. He has been to Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Helambu, Dolpo, and Dhaulagiri, Makalu and Kanchenjunga regions as well as some off beaten trekking trails. He is very smart, honest, helpful person and loves his guiding profession.
He was born in 1985 at Gorkha province which is very popular for Gurkhas and historical town. It is about 150 km west of Kathmandu valley. He has studied up to higher secondary level education (+2 in Management). He has done …..

Gyanendra Kapri
Trekking Guide
Mr. Gyanendra Kapri was born in 1990 at Dhading district of Nepal which is situated 140 km west from Kathmandu valley and best of the Ganesh Himal range. He has started his career as an office assistant at BTE in 2007. Then, he started trekking porter before upgraded for the post of assistant guide. After working for year as an assistant guide and gaining leadership skills on the job, he was upgraded to the post of trekking guide in 2009. He has been working with us as a trekking guide since 2009. He had trained intermediate English language course in 2009, trekking guide training 2010 and participated in different workshop related his job. He has completed his graduation in BBS (Bachelor in Business Studies) from TU (Tribhuwan University).
He has trekked most of the popular trekking regions in Nepal namely, Annapurna region, Mt. Everest region, Langtang valley and Gosaikunda Pass, Dolpo & Upper Mustang for several times and collected sufficient knowledge about the regions, landscapes, local people, mountain views, trekking trails, local culture and their Buddhist religions. His sincerity towards his job makes him capable field escorts.

Krishna Prasad Dhakal
Trekking cook & guide cum porter
Mr. KP Dhakal was born in 1975 A.D. at Dhading district which is about 130 km north-west of Kathmandu valley. He has been working with BTE since 2006 as a trekking cook and porter. Prior to join with BTE, he had worked more than five years in different trekking company as a free lancer. He had studied up to grade 9 in the countryside and couldn’t finish his school education due to his poverty, so that he never got a chance to continue his study. Due to lack of sufficient education, he couldn’t be a guide in earlier days. He had worked with different guide and leaders and had been every trekking regions of Nepal and collected lots of experience and knowledge from them.
He had trained cook training, basic English language training and at the end, he was able to take trekking guide in 2014. Now, he became the multi-dimensional person as a trekking cook, trekking guide and porter and guide service. He is so easy going person and well experience in every classic trek, off beaten trails and recently explored destination. He is very strong, honest and hardworking person. He takes a good care of clients and treated them as a God!

angdawaAng Dawa Sherpa
Senior Climbing Guide
Mr. Ang Dawa Sherpa is the senior climbing leader of Botanical Treks & Excursion and has been leading different climbing expedition since2008 with us. He has been worked as peak climbing Sirdir/ leader/ guide for over 12 years already and has been summitted Mt. Everest in 2001/ spring season as a high altitude supporter for the first time. After then he has been to Everest up to 7800 m high for many times. He has climbed many popular trekking peaks such as Island peak (6,189 m), Louboche East (6,119 m), Mera peak (6,460 m), Machhermo peak, Kyojori, Parmacho peak, Ramdung-Go peak in the north-east of Nepal and Pisang peak (6,092 m), Chulu peak (6,472 m), Singchuli Tent peak and Dhampus peak (6,012 m) in the west of Nepal.
Ang Dawa Sherpa born in 1980 at Makalu V.D.C.-5, Sankhuwasabha district which lies far-east of Nepal and at the base of Mt. Makalu (8,463 m). He has studied up to school level education at the countryside. He has started his trekking and climbing career from pottering from his hometown to Makalu Base Camp with different expedition team/groups. He has received trekking guide training in 2001 and basic and advance mountaineering course as well as navigation and map reading skill training from Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and ice climbing and rock climbing training from Khumbu climbing school at Photse village of Solukhumbu, north-east Nepal. Being a Sherpa, he loves trekking, climbing and travelling and he is very sufficient communicator in English and fluent in Nepali, Hindi, Tibetan & Sherpa languages. He is very good climber as a whole at BTE.

Pemba Chhewang Sherpa
Peak Climbing Guide
Mr. Pemba Chhewang Sherpa has been working as trekking guide since 1995 in different adventure companies and has joined at BTE from 2009. He has been climbing peaks which are less than 6,500 m since last 10 years. He has extensively travelled and trekked in Nepal, Tibet, Japan and France. As a trekking and peak climbing guide, he has climbed more than 10 peaks for several times already such as Island peak, Lobuche peak, Kongde- Ri, Pharmacho peak, Ramdung-Go peak, Mera peak, Pisang peak, Chulu peak, Tent peak, Dhampus peak, Paldor peak & Yala peak.
He was born in Juving-5, Kharikhola of Solukhumbu district which lies in north-east of Nepal. He has studied up to higher secondary school level education from his hometown as well as in Kathmandu. He has been almost every classic regions of popular trekking destination and some off beaten trekking trails. He has took the trekking guide training course in 2002 and basic mountaineering course from NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) in 2004. Since 2004, he is guiding and climbing equally. He speaks very good English, Tibetan, Sherpa, Japanese & French languages. He has travelled to Japan and France for a short visit for the several times. Trekking and climbing are his passion!
Gelu Sherpa
Peak Climbing Guide
Mr. Gelu Sherpa, a young, honest & helpful Sherpa guide who was born in 1990 at Taksindu V.D.C.-06, Solukhumbu district of Nepal which is lies in the north-east of Kathmandu valley. He was born in the Sherpa family where his family, relatives & neighbors were involved in the trekking & climbing profession. So that, after completed his school level education in the hometown, he had started the same job by following his family`s footsteps of trekking & climbing profession in 2006 as a porter. Eventually, upgraded as a assistant guide, trekking guide & climbing guide. He had started guiding the people in the Nepal`s mightily Himalayas since 2008 after received the trekking guide training courses. He had trained basic Mountaineering training course in 2010 from Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) & advanced course level-1 from Khumbu climbing center in 2011.
He had worked in the different adventure companies till 2011 & joined with Botanical Treks & Excursion as a climbing guide. He loves trekking & climbing the trekking peaks very much. He has been many popular trekking regions such as Annapurna, Everest, Langtang & Helambu valley, Dolpo, Makalu, Kanchenjunga & Dhaulagiri regions. Similarly, he has climbed Island peak (6,189 m), Lobuche east (6,119 m), Ramdung-go peak, Pharmacho peak, Mera peak (6,400 m), Pisang peak (6,092 m), Chulu east (6,300 m), Dhampus Peak (6,012 m), Tent peak (5,900 m), Huinchuli (6,441 m), Paldor peak (5,857 m), Yala peak (5,500 m) & Naya Kanga (5,937 m). He speaks fluent English, Hindi, Nepali, Tibetan & Sherpa languages. He is very informative, supportive & full of good humor.

Kiran Ghimire (Horticulturist): He is Mr. Kiran Ghimire from 1998 to 2004 worked as a teacher and research assistance for the wild lands studies Nepal programs, part of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and college of extended learning. Wild lands studies offers a course of upper division field studies in ecology and environmental science in the Himalayan region and involve a substantial amount of ecological field research.  As he beings a self taught freelance horticulturist; during wild lands studies program in Nepal he does plant /flower species identification work with the participants. So that, he is going to conduct Botanical exploration trip in Nepal, if you would like to join this company, please feel free to contact the  this company.

Trekking, Tour & Climbing Guide Certificates:

A) Ang Dawa Sherpa