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About Bhutan:
Bhutan is a small land-locked country representing a Buddhist kingdom in south Asia. Bhutan just has opened itself up to the outside world and focused on its tourism policy by the country’s theocratic rulers, fixed visitors numbers. The landscape of Bhutanese mountains is really a breathtaking one. Friendliness and charming Bhutanese make your journey further pleasurable. Botanical Treks offers tour and treks of the Kingdom of Bhutan plus cultural tours on request.
Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Being the last remaining great Himalayan kingdom, it was restricted to all outsiders until recent years. Situated in the Himalayan mountains and hills, the beauty and diversity of this Forbidden Land are beyond any description. This is a place of Buddhism where Tibetan culture fully remains, and Gross Domestic Happiness is deemed more important than Gross Domestic Product. It is also one of the world’s most expensive tourist destinations where visitors have to pay a minimum of USD $ a day. However, this fee is all inclusive. There is no need to travel in a group; therefore personal itineraries can be customized. And compared with many other destinations, you won’t find any back-packing travelers in Bhutan.

So why go Bhutan? Above all else, Bhutan offers an opportunity to experience something pure and untouched by tourists. It offers a glimpse into another way of living, where true values of life still exist and even prosper. You will become one of the few who has experienced the uniqueness and magic of the world’s most enigmatic countries.

Bhutan's climate
It is diverse depending on the altitude; the climate can range from freezing cold to a humid, hot tropical climate. This small kingdom, which is covering a little over 47,000 sq km, has very varied land. Notable there are three main regions in BHUTAN, the Great Himalayan Region, Middle Himalayan Region and the DURAS region.
Duras region
It is boarding of INDIAN state, which has tropical climate; the northern part of DURAS has many of the national parks that are home to tigers, deer and other wildlife alike. The southern part of DURAS has fertile land, which is cultivated.
Middle Himalayan Region
It is a part of the Himalayan chain which spreads down from the north several rich and broad valleys, that valley are cultivated around the clock and of course very populated.
The Great Himalayan
Region is bordering to Tibet and the population here is very low due to its climatic condition, here the BHUTAN”S highest mountain Kula KANGRI is also located, this part of Bhutan is home to Yaks.
Entry to Bhutan by Air
The easiest way for visitors to enter Bhutan is by air on Druk Air, Bhutan's national carrier and Bhutan Airlines operating in Bhutan. Flights to Bhutan are available from, Kathmandu in Nepal, several times each week. Latest flight schedules are available on request. On clear days the flight into PARO offers spectacular views of the Himalayan mountain range, including Mt. Everest, Mt. KANCHENJUNGA in Nepal and CHOMOLHARI, KULU KANGRI and many other peaks of Bhutanese Himalayas.
Tourist Visas
Tourist visas have to be approved prior to your arrival in Bhutan. With prior approval visas are then issued only on your arrival in the country, at PARO airport .We need the following details of yours in order to start applying for visas.
1) Full name (as it appears in your passport):
(2) Permanent address:
(3) Occupation:
(4) Nationality:
(5) Passport Number:
(6) Date of issue and expiration of passport:
(7) Date and place of birth:
Double checked that the information is correct; if there are discrepancies when you arrive in Bhutan, delays and complications can take place. The actual visa is stamped in your passport only when you arrive in Bhutan. You need to pay US$ 40 and present a passport-sized photo with your passport number written on the back. You will then receive a visa for the period of your staying in Bhutan. We will process visa extensions for you if they become necessary.

Packages in Bhutan

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