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Terms and Condition

The terms and condition of the booking:
1. We request you to deposit 20% of the total tour cost at company's bank account to secure your booking on your desired date.
2. If you cancel your booking not more than a month before of your scheduled tour the company is not compelled for refund the deposited amount. But if you wish you may transfer your deposit to another tour, for this you need to make a written request to the company as soon as you decide to cancel a tour program. If the second tour program is more expensive than the cancelled one you need to bear the extra cost
3. We will not cancel the tour unless the unpredictable circumstances compelled us to do so, like flight cancellation, civil or political unrest, war or anything that causes the disturbances in the tour.
4. If we cancel your tour by our reason, we will offer an alternative tour, if it is not satisfactory to you we will refund all the money paid to us to the date.
5. The Company reserves the right to adjust the price with the fluctuation in the economic market but we will inform the concerned about the likely changes before 4 weeks of departure. If you are not satisfied with the changes, you have to write to the office addressing to the booking officer within 7 days of the notification of the surcharge. We will try to develop understanding/compromises. If we fail to do so we will ask you to cancel the tour / treks.
6. The Company provide the information on tour related topic such as permits, visas, climate, clothing, baggage, special equipments etc.  in good faith but without any responsibility on the part of the company.