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Trekking Gears

1. Lightweight walking / trekking boots, spare laces.

2. A pair of track shoes.

3. Warm Jacket, fiberfill or down should be adequate.

4. Sleeping bag and down Jacket (we also provide hired one from here for during the trips)

5. A rainproof jacket with hood or rain Poncho.

6. Heavy weight trousers are useful for high up in the mountains bothin morning, evening and night. Wind proof/water proof trousers arenecessary on all treks going above 10,000 ft.

7. Thermal underwear

8. 2 pairs of loose fitting long shorts/skirts

9. 2 cotton T-shirts

10. A woolen hat and sun-hat

11. A pair of gloves, leather with lining and woolen is best

12. One pair of sandals

13. 2 pairs of thin and 2 pairs of thick woolen socks

14. Personal medical supplies

15. Flash light

16. Toiletries with towels

17. Snow glasses and sunglasses

18. Suntan cream

19. Water bottle

20. Day pack

21. Rucksack

22. Things of your personal interest

23. Mobile  & camera battery & charger with adapter.